Meet Cindy Esch

Certified Life Coach Cindy Esch knows how to overcome and how to thrive. She overcame 15 years of childhood sexual abuse and later metastasized breast cancer. In the past she struggled with anger, depression and suicide. She knows what it is like to pretend everything is fine while barely holding it together. Cindy’s journey has led her to participate in many different therapies, trainings and coaching where she learned to use powerful tools to help not only herself but also to help others. She received her Coaching Certification through The Life Coach School. Cindy helps married women who are survivors of sexual abuse to put their pain in the past and leave it there. With her help, her clients find their truth, self-worth and confidence. They find their voice and live empowered lives. They thrive! Cindy lives by the motto:

“You’ve only got three choices in life: Give up, Give in, or Give it all you’ve got.”

Her greatest desire for you is that through working with her, you will give your life all you’ve got so that you can create an empowered life!

Are you ready to THRIVE?

Don’t live another minute under the stress
of trying to hold it all together.

There is something better!

Cindy is also available for keynote speaking and employee trainings.