Start living the life you truly want.

Now is your time. You ARE worth it.

In our initial consultation meeting I ask a number of questions to help assess where you’re at and where you’d like to be. We start by finding out what you’re struggling with. What’s not working in your life, as well as what is working.

The next thing we discuss is what you’d really like to change and the results you’d like to achive. Clearly defining where you want to be is key to getting there.

Lastly we will discuss how important this change is to you. Are you motivated to make these changes to start living the life you truely want?

What you’ll learn during the consultation:

  1. Why you are where you are vs. where you’d like to be
  2. How we will create a plan to help you get to where you want to be
  3. Learn about the tools we’ll use to help you get your results

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With one-on-one coaching You are guaranteed:

Confidentiality, a safe and secure environment, knowing you will be believed and supported, a coaching program that is tailored to your specific wants and needs, weekly session notes and access to all tools that are used in your coaching sessions. It is Cindy’s goal to teach you to use these tools on your own in your daily life.

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