A Personal Connection

Unknowingly, Cindy started her journey to become a coach when she began to work on her own healing. Like so many survivors, Cindy thought she had left those 15 years of sexual abuse behind her. She didn’t expect them to bubble up and seep into every area of her life. But that is exactly what happened. At her lowest point, Cindy spent a year in individual, couples and group therapy. She then moved onto mindset/thought work. Cindy is a graduate of The Landmark Forum and The Advanced Class. She is a Certified Health Coach. She also trained under a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching. Cindy believes in the phrase: “first heal yourself” and thus does her own daily self-coaching. She also participates in weekly sessions where she is coached by other Certified Coaches. Cindy is a Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School and an active member of Self-Coaching Scholars.

Why choose One-on-One Coaching? When you choose to work one-on-one with Cindy you are guaranteed:

Confidentiality, a safe and secure environment, knowing you will be believed and supported, a coaching program that is tailored to your specific wants and needs, weekly session notes and access to all tools that are used in your coaching sessions. It is Cindy’s goal to teach you to use these tools on your own in your daily life.

Employee Training

As an employer or manager, you are often faced with dealing with your employees’ personal issues. Your team is not just employees. They are people dealing with all the struggles of life. Those struggles can impact your team’s interaction with each other and your customers. If not dealt with, this can become an expensive recipe for disaster. Rather than continually hiring and firing, there is a better way. Cindy is skilled at working with companies and their employees to increase attendance, productivity, co-worker, and client interactions. She can help your team members develop individual personal responsibility, integrity and take true ownership of their positions thus increasing the value not only of the team but of the company.

Some of Cindy’s satisfied corporate clients are: BECU, Post Falls Family Dental, and Digital Imagining Solutions.

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Cindy is also available for keynote speaking and employee trainings.