The other day I was meeting with an organization.

I was considering doing some work for them.

This would involve me coaching their inpatient clients.

The supervisor asked me a question.

It went like this:

“It is very stressful here. So, what do you do for fun?”

This made me laugh (internally).

Because what I do for fun has nothing to do with releasing stress.

In our society we equate:

  • Having fun
  • Relaxing
  • Drinking
  • Eating
  • Venting to others
  • Even getting angry

As ways to release stress.

But these do not actually release stress.

They only provide temporary relief.

You will feel better …

But only for a short time.

The stress is still there.

Hiding just under the surface in the back of your mind …

Waiting for the next thing to trigger it.

Sometimes these stressors build up.

Then over the smallest things we snap.

Ever notice that your response was disproportionate to the stressor?

Yep, that was because a lot of stressors piled up over time …

And then one more thing happened and you SNAPPED!

I would like you to consider it doesn’t have to be this way.

Consider that you can train yourself to release stress.

If you experience stress and react it is because you have trained your brain to do that.

You have built a pattern or habit in your brain.

So, when you experience stress your brain automatically activates that pattern of behavior.

The good news is you can train your brain to do something new.

You can train your brain to release stress.

Here is how:

  1. Notice when you are experiencing stress.
  2. In that moment slow your breathing. Breath slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  3. Ask yourself how does your body feel? Where in your body do you feel this? (Headache, a knot in the stomach, etc). Is that feeling hard or soft? Is that feeling fast or slow? What color is that feeling? Name the feeling. Is it stress, fear, panic, anxious, etc.
  4. What thought are you thinking that is causing that feeling?
  5. When you think and feel this way what do you want to do?
  6. If you do that will you get the result you want in the long run?
  7. If not, are you willing at least for a moment to let this thought and feeling go?
  8. In your mind say: “I release (say the thought and feeling).”
  9. Take a slow deep breath.
  10. Notice space has opened up inside you. This is a space for what is now possible.
  11. What would you like to fill that space with? Choose a thought and feeling that you want to think and feel.
  12. In your mind say: “I declare that my intention for this moment is (say the new thought and feeling).”

Practicing these steps will retrain your brain.

You will stop reacting to stress.

Instead your brain will learn to release stress.

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