Recently I was at a meeting where I heard several professionals during their 60-second introductions state that they swear.

They went on to state that if that was a problem for you then they were not the person for you to work with.

Hmmm …

More and more I hear swearing introduced as a badge of honor or pride or even just an accepted fact of life.

I am not a prude.

I can and have sworn.

Yet I continually hear my father’s voice in my head saying:

“There is always a better way to say that without swearing.”

I have come to agree with him.

There are 171,476 words in the English language.

Yet there are roughly only 100 swear words.

Research lists the “F” word as the worst, yet it is the one that seems to be in vogue to use the most.

I am tired of it …

For myself and society.

I can do better.

We can do better.

I don’t want to be a bad***

I just want to be fabulous and amazing.

I don’t want to UnF**** anything or F*** anything.

I just want to figure things out.

I also want to be intimate with my husband …

But that is for me and him …

Not you and has nothing to do with “F”

It has everything to do with Love.

Researching I found 7 reasons to stop swearing:

  1. It hinders communication
  2. There are better ways to express yourself
  3. Swearing makes people defensive
  4. It’s inappropriate for children
  5. It’s inappropriate for work or school
  6. It limits your vocabulary
  7. It’s not very professional or classy.

I have decided I am going to be the non-swearing Certified Life Coach.

If my clients want to swear that is fine.

I am choosing to give up swearing … permanently.

I think it will make me a better person.

I think it will cause me to dig deeper into my own thoughts and feelings.

I think it will increase my vocabulary.

How about you?

Will you join me (if only for the month of October)?

If you are willing to take up my no swear challenge for this month, let me know.

Then at the end of the month let’s see what we noticed for ourselves during this month of not swearing.

Did it improve our communication?

Did it help or hinder our relationships?

Did it improve our work environment?

Did we feel better or worse for not swearing?

Now it is up to you.

Are you in?