It is so easy to let a bad moment …

Become a bad day …

Which turns into a bad week …

Then a bad month …

Then a bad year …

Before you know it,

One bad moment has ruined your life.

The truth is everyone’s life is filled with highs lows.

Sometimes we let the lows erase the highs.

That is where keeping an Accomplishment Log comes in.

Keeping an Accomplishment Log helps you balance your thinking.

You begin to see all the good in your life.

You begin to realize that this one difficulty was just one bad moment,

Not your entire bad life.

To start your Accomplishment Log:

  1. Set a timer for 5 minutes.
  2. List EVERYTHING you have accomplished in your ENTIRE life.
  3. Place your Accomplishment Log by your bed.
  4. Each night add one new accomplishment from your day to your log.
  5. Before you go to sleep, read your entire Accomplishment Log.

As you do this you will see that,

What Clarence The Angel in It’s A Wonderful Life said is true:

“You really have a wonderful life.”

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