Years ago I visited Biosphere II

It was originally created to help humans live on Mars.

It is now used for all kinds of experiments.

The first experiment was to create a self-contained world.

Inside Biosphere II is a:

  • Desert
  • Ocean
  • Rain Forest

Originally all the trees planted inside fell over.

The trees would grow 2-3 free tall and then fall over.

Finally, scientist realized the trees need the wind.

Wind helps trees strengthen their trunks to grow upright.

It isn’t much different for humans.

A toddler learning to walk falls down over and over again.

Yet they get back up and eventually learn to walk.

As they are learning their:

  • Leg muscles get stronger.
  • Center of balance stabilizes.
  • Feet learn to synchronize each step.

Both trees and toddlers get stronger from adversity.

Toddlers and trees know something we adults have forgotten.

They know how to “lean in” to adversity.

A toddler does not try to walk once and then quit.

You don’t see a toddler saying:

  • It’s too hard.
  • Walking works for everyone but me.
  • I can’t.
  • I might get hurt again.

No, they just fall down and get up again.

In fact, growing up is full of hurts and failures.

But kids just keep going.

Yet somewhere along the way as adults …

We stopped leaning into adversity.

We work to avoid the:

  • Struggle
  • Hard work
  • Pain
  • Failure

We start to overprotect ourselves.

I want you to consider no matter the pain or failure,

Leaning into adversity is what grows you.

And you can’t have the life you want without growth.

So how do you lean into adversity?

Here are the steps:

  1. Write out what happened.
  2. Write out your thoughts and feelings about what happened? What are you making it mean?
  3. Ask yourself are those thoughts and feelings moving you forward or holding you back?
  4. If they are holding you back, ask how would someone who overcame a similar struggle think about it?
  5. Can you choose to think about it in a new/different way?
  6. What have you learned from this event?
  7. How can you use this to make yourself stronger and move forward?
  8. What new thought and feeling about this will move you forward? Practice thinking that thought and feeling that feeling.

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