The woman sat across from me crying.

She said she just felt:

  • Trapped
  • Stuck
  • Like depression would consume her.

As we continued our coaching.

She talked about how she couldn’t:

  • Stop beating herself up.
  • Forgive herself for the abuse she suffered.

This is a very common issue for people.

This woman felt:

  • Alone
  • Like it was only happening to her.

But that is not true.

I see over and over how all of us:

  • Beat ourselves up for our past.
  • Blame ourselves for things that happened to us.

Understand these are not our mistakes or failures.

These are events that we had no control over.

But in our mind, we keep:

  • Replaying the event
  • Looking for what we should have done differently.
  • Blaming ourselves.
  • Beating ourselves up.

I promise you these mental reruns do not serve you.

I promise you it is time to be:

  • Compassionate with yourself
  • Loving with yourself

It is time to extend grace to yourself.

It is time to forgive yourself.

You can do this by simply writing a letter to yourself

Just like this:

Dear (your name here),

I am angry because ____________________________________

I am sad because ______________________________________

I wish _______________________________________________

I am sorry that _______________________________________

I am proud of you because _____________________________

I am ready to let go of _________________________________

I forgive you for ______________________________________

I love you because ____________________________________

With Love, Compassion, and Grace,

(Your name here)

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