Have you ever noticed how it seems so easy to:

  • Spot everyone else’s issues
  • Solve everyone else’s problems

Yet you can’t find the solution to your own issues.

That’s because we only think we know what is right for others.

So often the answer we think is right for someone else,

Simply won’t work for them.

Our answers for others are full of our judgments.

And colored by our own life journey and perspective.

But that doesn’t mean our answers work for other people.

In fact, I promise you they won’t work.

Each person’s journey and thus their answers are unique to them.

And our answers your unique to you.

That is why it is so important that we do our own work and

Let other people do their own work.

Think of it like being in a plane losing oxygen

If you try to secure someone else’s oxygen mask first,

You will pass out and maybe die.

That is why the flight attendant reminds you to:

Secure your own oxygen mask first.

For each of our own lives, this is not just in an emergency.

If you want:

  • Clarity
  • Certainty
  • Peace
  • Solutions
  • Results

You must secure your own oxygen mask daily.

You can think about this like showering or brushing your teeth.

How many days are you willing to skip showering or brushing your teeth.

For most people, these are daily habits.

Habits that if we miss cause our body and breath to smell bad.

It also sets us up for cavities in our teeth and physical illnesses.

Your brain is no different.

Ever heard the phrase “Stinkin’ Thinkin’”

Without daily cleaning up your thinking,

You are setting yourself up for self-sabotage.

Want to clean up your thinking daily.

Simply schedule a time each day to do:

  • A Thought Download.
  • An Unintentional and Intentional Model.

If you would like help learning to clean up your thinking, just click: Schedule My Free Consultation With Cindy

I will help you!