When I married my husband 23 years ago,

I moved into his home.

He had bought it without a down payment.

His monthly mortgage payment was crazy low.

The home was 100 years old.

It had great bones.

But it was a mess when he bought it.

He was remodeling it when we married.

I have lived in my hometown all my life.

Yet I didn’t realize how bad my new neighborhood would be.

There were:

  • 5 gang houses within 3 blocks.
  • 3 drug houses within 5 blocks.

People threatened my life when I left home.

It was scary!

Chuck and I decided to finish the remodel and move.

When the house was done it was gorgeous!

I would have happily lived in the house forever.

But not in that neighborhood.

I felt like a bird in a gilded cage.

We knew our mortgage was so low, we could save money.

We learned moving would more than double our mortgage.

Our neighbor across the street discouraged us from moving.

She told us we could manage to stay if like her we didn’t attract attention.

She told us not to:

  • Plant flowers
  • Paint or decorate the outside of the house or property
  • Leave our curtains closed 24/7
  • Buy a new car.
  • Let people see us bring new things into the house.


We would be putting ourselves in prison to save money.

So, we moved.

Was it expensive?


Was it worth it?


Here is my question for you:

What is your self-imposed prison?

Is it:

  • A marriage you stay in to afford your lifestyle or for the kids.
  • A job you hate but it pays the bills and has health insurance.
  • The way you eat and gain weight to avoid feeling emotional pain.
  • The credit card debt you can’t afford but keep running up.

Or is it your thoughts about things like the above?

You see it is always and only your thinking that keeps you in prison.

It is thoughts like:

  • My family and friends won’t like me if I …
  • This is the only job I could get with my education.
  • If I allow myself to experience negative feels I will fall into depression and never get out.
  • I have to use the credit card because I have to have or the kids have to have …

I want you to know none of that is true.

Those are only thoughts you are choosing to believe.

The good news is you can choose to believe thoughts that get you out of your prison.

Here is how.

Ask yourself:

  1. What is it that you wish was different but feel powerless to change? That is your prison.
  2. Why do you feel powerless to change it? That is the thought or thoughts that keep you in prison.
  3. Pick one of those thoughts and ask:
  4. Is that thought true (yes or no)
  5. Can you absolutely know that thought is true (yes or no)
  6. How do you feel when you think that thought (single feeling word – happy, sad, scared, etc).
  7. What images from your past do you remember when you think that thought?
  8. How do you imagine your future to be when you think that thought?
  9. How do you treat others when you think that thought?
  10. How do you treat yourself when you think that thought?
  11. Does this thought empower or disempower you?
  12. Who would you be, how would you feel (single feeling word) if you could not think that thought?
  13. What thought could you think to feel that way?
  14. Does your new thought empower or disempower you? If it doesn’t empower you go back to #12 and #13 and keep working until you find a thought that empowers you.
  15. When you think your new empowered thought what action do you want to take?
  16. Practice your new thought every day and begin to take the actions that your new thought has you take.

If you consistently work on the above steps just 15 minutes a day, you will free yourself.

You will leave your self-imposed prison behind.

You will create the life you want.

Most people find it difficult to do this work long enough to create change.

That is why I am here.

If you would like to create change in your life, just click: Schedule My Free Consultation With Cindy

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