Last week you read how I lost my sailing mojo.

You read that I had considered giving up sailing.

Many of you emailed me and told me to keep going.

One of you said you knew a great Life Coach that you had worked with …

LOL, that person meant me.

So, today I want to let you know my (and Chuck’s) Mojo is back!

It only took 3 hours with our sailing instructor (coach)

Bill Holcomb (pictured above on his boat Snickerdoodle)

Shameless plug – if you have ever wanted to:

Ok, back to what I hope you will understand:

  • Chuck and I struggled with our sailing for the past 3 months.
  • We did everything we knew to do.
  • We reviewed our past training materials.
  • Got out and sailed – with poor results.
  • Reviewed, what went well, what didn’t work, what we would do differently next time.
  • It still wasn’t working.
  • Discouragement and desire to quit set in.
  • All of this is normal.

Do you understand that discouragement and desire to quit set in?

Do you get that all of the above is normal?

But when normal doesn’t work, do something different.

Remember the definition of insanity is:

Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

So, we did something different.

We got help from a professional.

We hired our sailing instructor (coach).

It only took three hours of our time.

It was very affordable.

It was the best investment we could make.

We learned that out of the hundreds …

And I do mean hundreds of things you do to successfully sail …

We had only forgotten how to do 3 things.

Only 3 things.

But for the past 3 months, it felt like we had forgotten everything.

Seriously it felt like we forgot EVERYTHING!

We couldn’t see it was only 3 things.

Yet in 3 hours our Coach helped us fix those 3 things and …

Taught us some new upper-level skills.

This isn’t just true about sailing.

This is life for everybody.


So, ask yourself:

  • Where in your life have you tried all you know to try.
  • You’ve evaluated, tweaked and tried again.
  • It still isn’t working.

Guess what it is time to try something new …

Like hiring a professional coach to help you.

Hey, I happen to know a great Certified Life Coach …


So, what do you want help with?

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I will help you!