12 years ago I almost walked out on my job.

This was long before I trained and Certified as a Life Coach.

I work in hotel convention sales.

I came in one day to find I had been moved to a different cubicle.

My old cubicle was closest to the boss.

A new salesperson had been hired.

The boss was training them.

So they needed to be closest to the boss.

This cubicle had a view out a window.

The cubicle I was moved to was in the back of the office.

It didn’t have a view.

But this really isn’t about the view.

It is about fear.

As soon as I realized my workspace had changed:

I felt sick.

I started to cry uncontrollably.

I stormed into the boss saying I quit!

She was shocked.

I was overcome and out of control.

I felt overpowered by the need to quit.

I didn’t know why.

The boss knew I was a survivor of sexual abuse.

She asked me to check in with my counselor before quitting.

I did.

I learned I was triggered and overcome by fear because …

When I was abused it was in a room with no escape.

My abuse had ended 30 years before.

I had done lots of therapy.

But I still got triggered.

Years later I learned to talk to my fear.

I learned to ask my fear questions.

I learned that when my workspace was moved I thought …

I was going to be abused again.

Of course, that wasn’t going to happen.

But that isn’t how our brains work.

Our brain wants to:

  • Avoid pain and keep us safe
  • Seek pleasure to help us feel better
  • Be efficient

My brain equated the workspace move to being trapped.

My brain instantly went to work to keep me safe.

My brain kicked me into fear.

It sent me unconscious messages that I was in danger.

It told me I would be safe if I quit my job.

I know that sounds absurd.

And it is how our brains work.

Take a moment and consider times when you reacted.

Now ask your fear to tell you:

  1. What does it want you to know about that situation?
  2. Why was that reaction happening?
  3. How was that reaction meant to help you?

When you ask yourself these questions at a time when you aren’t triggered …

You will find your brain has a lot to tell you.

Then you can begin to see into why the fear in your life triggers you.

Once you see that you can decide on a way to think, feel and act that works for you.

You take the control away from fear.

You put yourself back in charge.

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