So often as adults, we want there to be:

  • A right way, and …
  • A wrong way.

But often what we are really saying is:

  • How I think and do things is right.
  • How you think and do things is wrong.

But what if there wasn’t a right or a wrong?

I want to be clear here.

I am not talking about raising children.

I am not talking about breaking laws.

Of course, we need to teach our children:

  • Morales
  • Values
  • Good behavior
  • Work ethic
  • And so much more.

Of course, as a society, we need laws that we abide by.

None of that is what I am talking about.

I am talking about needing your point of view to be right.

While making others’ points of view wrong.

This kind of thinking causes a lot of relationship issues.

I hear people say:

  • If they would only see it my way.
  • If they would only do it my way.
  • Well, of course, I am right.

But consider it is less about right and wrong and …

More about circumstances/facts vs an individual’s thoughts/opinions.

Circumstance/Facts are something everyone can agree on …

Down to the smallest detail.

They are things that can be proven in a court of law.

Everything else is each person’s own thoughts and feelings.

Take WWII and the Holocaust as an example.

WWII & the Holocaust are factual.

They happened.

We have lots of proof.

When someone says “It didn’t happen” …

That is only their thought.

Consider that adults get to think, say & do anything they want, AND …

There are consequences (good or bad) for what they say/do, AND …

You can think whatever you want about what they say or do.

Hitler did what he did.

My thoughts totally stand against what he did.

However, many people stood with him.

Many more had thoughts like “this is wrong”.

They took actions to stand against him and defeat him.

Consider you can’t legislate or control what others think.

In fact, you can’t make adults do anything they don’t want to do.

Though many people throughout history have tried.

All adults get to think what they want and do what they want, AND …

We don’t have to agree with them.

But consider you can disagree without:

  • Having to be right, and
  • Make them wrong.

Consider when we let go of us being right and them being wrong and …

Allow each individual their own thoughts …

We ourselves become empowered,

Because we let go of the need to control other adults.

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