Yesterday was Memorial Day

My husband and I spent time being thankful.

Thankful for those that were willing to fight for our freedom.

We thought about:

  • Those that died.
  • Those that came back physically wounded.
  • Those whose wounds you cannot see.

Most who serve sign up when they are young.

Some right out of high school.

Others in their twenties.

I wonder if they know what could be ahead for them.

I wonder if they will be given the resources to deal with what may happen to them.

I pray they will get all the resources they may need.

But you don’t have to be in the military to be psychologically wounded.

Many people have wounds you cannot see.

They have been physically, sexually, and emotionally abused.

You may know many of these survivors without knowing they are survivors.

You may even be a survivor without realizing you carry invisible wounds.

All abuse and/or trauma leaves behind psychological wounds.

Those are some of the hardest to deal with because we don’t see them.

We think whatever happened is over, so we should be fine.

That is a lie.

Untreated psychological wounds are like an infected physical wound.

Imagine you cut yourself with a dirty knife.

If you only slap a band-aid on it, the cut will get infected.

It will become red and painful.

If you bump it, it hurts.

Eventually, you will have to have a doctor clean out all the infection.

You might even need antibiotics to fully heal.

It isn’t much different with a psychological wound.

When you push it down or ignore it …

It festers.

When something happens, you get triggered.

You hurt.

You react or shutdown.

You do things to avoid the pain and feel better.

But feeling better is only temporary.

The cycle of festering, hurting, trying to feel better keeps repeating.

You think there is something wrong with you.

But there isn’t.

You simply have an infected untreated psychological wound.

With help, this wound can be cleaned out.

You can heal.

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