Last night I heard a true story of an astronaut.

The young boy had always wanted to be an astronaut.

Be the odds were not in his favor.

He grew up in one of the poorest cities in the U.S.

His father died when he was young.

He was surrounded by drugs and gangs.

Yet he persisted.

As an adult, he applied to NASA to become an astronaut.

It is a two-year application process.

He failed not once, not twice, not three times …

He failed 6 times.

That’s a total of 12 years devoted to becoming an astronaut.

Yet in 12 years he was not successful.

It was 12 years that ended in failure after failure.

He was told he had aged out and could not try again.

He was told if he kept trying, he would lose his job.

Still, he persisted.

Finally, on his seventh try and after 14 years …

His employer called him.

He was fired …

Because he had passed and was now an astronaut!

He led a mission on the Space Station

And logged significant hours in space.

Not only did he persist.

He never stopped believing in his dream.

Here’s the point.

It is not just about persistence.

It is about persisting with empowering thoughts.

Your thoughts create your reality.

Persist with thoughts of:

  • Failure
  • Unworthiness
  • Scarcity
  • Lack
  • Doubt
  • Confusion
  • Fear

And you will not reach your goal.

On any journey to achieve your dream there will be:

  • Struggles
  • Obstacles
  • Failures

So, it is important to make sure you root out disempowering thoughts.

It is important to make sure your dream is fueled by empowering thoughts.

Persistence and empowering thoughts take a daily commitment.

Just like taking a shower to clean off the dirt from the previous day,

You need to clean out your brain from negative and disempowering thoughts.

Thought Downloads and Models are great daily practices to help you do this.

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