We are told one of the keys to success is to:

  • Schedule your time,
  • And honor your schedule.

But sometimes life happens:

  • A loved one dies
  • A child gets sick
  • Your spouse has a medical emergency
  • You get sick
  • Projects take longer than anticipated
  • Vendors miss deadlines

On and on it goes.

So, the question becomes how flexible are you?

Can you adjust your plan?

Your life?

In the past, I would set goals and deadlines.

It didn’t matter what happened.

I was so focused on honoring my goals,

That I pushed myself and everyone around me …


So what if:

  • I was tired.
  • If my hubby was exhausted.
  • If life happened for a vendor.

I was going to meet my self-imposed deadline …

No matter what.

This is how it used to be for me.

And I paid a price for it:

  • I got sick.
  • I didn’t manage my thinking.
  • I lashed out at those I love.
  • I over-ate to feel better and to have the energy to keep going.

This is not the way to a healthy life or mindset.

This is not the way to work-life balance.

I want to be clear.

I am not saying toss your goals and deadlines out the window.

I am not saying procrastinate or avoid your goals.

I am saying life happens.

When it does be willing to adjust your schedule.

A couple of years ago we took non-sailing friends sailing.

We wanted to sail halfway up the lake.

It is a 1 ½ to 2-hour sail to Whiskey Rock …

Depending on the wind.

45-minutes into our sailing trip …

We were hit by a big gust of wind.

This caused our tiller (steering) to break.

My husband’s first comment was:

“We can still make it using the tiny outboard motor.”

We paused and considered …

Could we?

We really wanted to get to Whiskey Rock.

The wind was building.

We decided the safer choice was to return to the marina and,

Replace the tiller.

While the tiller was being replaced,

We apologized to our friends.

We thought maybe they didn’t want to continue to sail.

After all the tiller breaking had caused the boat to spin out of control …

Very fast!

They replied.

“You both handled that calmly with such skill.

We feel totally safe with you.

Let’s go sailing.”

So again, I ask you when life happens:

  • Can you stop?
  • Calmly access what is going on.
  • Make the necessary adjustments …
  • Without reacting, lashing out at others or stuffing your feelings.

If not, that’s ok.

This is a learnable skill.

If you are ready to learn how to make adjustments while still reaching your goals…

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