At a recent workshop, I did for women,

Several women had the same issue of procrastination.

I asked them for their Unintentional and Intentional Models.

It was so interesting.

They all wanted to stop procrastinating.

But the Unintentional thought and feeling …

And the Intentional thought and feeling …

Were different for each of them.

So, I had them do an experiment.

I asked them to use one of the other lady’s Intentional Thought.

They quickly found the other’s thought didn’t work for them.


This is why:

  • Positive thinking doesn’t work.
  • Read Books is helpful but sometimes doesn’t give you results.
  • Someone else’s advice doesn’t solve your problem.
  • What worked for someone else doesn’t work for you.

Humans are not identical.

You are not a clone of someone else.

This is no single right answer for everybody.

We all have similar issues.

But each person’s answer is unique.

This is why daily individual thought work is so important.

It is only in discovering for yourself:

  • The unintentional thoughts that disempower you
  • And, how those thoughts make you feel and act
  • That you see your personal blocks.

It is only by discovering for yourself:

  • Which intentional thoughts will generate the …
  • Feelings and actions that work for you …
  • That you find your unique answer.

Think of it like a key

The key to your house is the only key that works.

My house key won’t work in your lock.

When you lose your key you need a locksmith to unlock the door.

As a Certified Life Coach, I am the locksmith to your mind.

I don’t give you the answers.

I help you unlock the door to your own answers.

How cool is that!

Everyone’s life is unique.

Stop trying to fit someone else’s answers into your life.

You have all the answers inside yourself.

All you need is the key.

I have your key.

If you want to stop living a cookie cutter life …

If you want to find your unique answers, just click: Schedule My Consultation With Cindy

I will help you!