This morning a building next to my husband’s work caught fire …


The building burned a year before.

That fire demolished the building leaving nothing but debris.

The big pile of debris has stood untouched for a year.

Somehow it caught fire again today.

The fire traveled to the power lines.

My husband’s employer has no power.

They are shut down today.

They can’t:

  • Service their clients.
  • Pay their employees (today is payday).

They are totally shut down.

The cost to their business is huge.

All because debris from their neighbor’s year-old fire wasn’t cleaned up.

This got me thinking about our lives.

What is the debris in your life?

What got burnt?

What has not yet been cleaned up?

Our mental and emotional state is a lot like a physical building.

When trauma or upset happens,

We can “catch fire”

If we don’t manage our thoughts and emotions,

This can “burn” us and others.

Especially those we love.

If you don’t clean up the debris from the first fire,

Your emotional/mental state can catch fire again.

Burning yourself and others over and over.

So, my question for you is:

What mental and emotional debris are you leaving unattended?

Is it worth the cost to yourself and those you love?

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