When it comes to your healing …

There are a lot of options.

There are:

  • Life Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • People That Do Energy Work
  • Support Groups
  • Survivor Groups
  • Churches
  • Friends and Family
  • And more

So how do you know what works?

And what doesn’t work?

That will take some investigating on your part.

But here are some guidelines:

Look for someone that has had training.

Just because someone has:

  • Experienced abuse
  • A big heart
  • Wants to make a difference

Doesn’t make them a trained professional.

I remember many years ago, someone told me:

“You could really help survivors”.

I knew at that time in my life that was not accurate.

I needed training.

Lots of training, before I could help anyone else.

I have since gotten that training and Certification.

Look for someone that does their own work daily.

Look for someone that works with a professional in their industry weekly.

You want your professional to be coached or get therapy, etc. weekly.

Remember your professional is working hourly with survivors.

So, they need to work with a professional coach or therapist.

They can only stay neutral if they do their daily and weekly work.

Look for a trained professional that stays neutral.

If they are giving you advice or telling you what to do,

They are not neutral.

There is a big difference between:

  • Not staying neutral, giving advice or …
  • Staying neutral, and giving you the tools to practice using to help you heal.

Ask for a free consultation.

Any qualified professional will provide a free consultation.

This will allow you to see if what they do is a fit for you.

Don’t look for a quick fix.

Instead commit the time, energy and resources to your healing.

Healing is never a once and done.

There are great workshops and retreats.

Those are fabulous …

But they won’t provide all the healing you need.

Healing takes time.

So, give yourself the time to fully heal.

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