The other day I met with someone.

They had a lot to say about my business.

About what they thought I was and wasn’t doing.

They told me what I should be doing.

It left me feeling unsettled.

Part of me thought I must be doing it all wrong.

That they knew more than I did.

The other part of me felt they totally missed the mark.

That I had my plan and was working it.

I let this meeting and my own mental tug of war temporarily derail me.

Has this ever happened to you?

You start searching for information outside yourself.

You start asking others for their advice.

You doubt your own plan.

Or you don’t even know how to make a plan.

So, you follow someone else’s advice.

But it doesn’t work for you.

I want to be clear.

I am not saying don’t seek help.

But I am saying first and always trust your own wisdom.

I am saying:

  • Seek out people that ask questions to help you find your own wisdom.
  • Stop thinking you don’t have your own answers.
  • Stop thinking someone else knows more than you do.
  • Stop seeking advice.
  • Start seeking your own wisdom.

It isn’t that people want to mislead you.

They are well-intentioned.

But their advice is just that … advice.

Someone else’s advice might be good for them.

It doesn’t mean it is good for you.

Seek your own answers.

Find your own wisdom.

The type of coaching I do doesn’t give you advice.

I don’t give you the answers.

That is because I know all your answers are inside you.

My job is to:

  • Help you clear out all the mental clutter.
  • Help you quiet all your self-doubt and negative talk.
  • Help you hear your own wisdom.
  • Help you find your answers.

There are lots of people that will give you advice.

There are lots of people that will tell you what to do.

You’ve tried all that before.

And you end up frustrated and disappointed.

Because someone else’s advice doesn’t work for you.

It doesn’t empower you.

To paraphrase an old saying:

  • They are fishing for you and you will only eat for a day.
  • I teach you how to fish so you can eat for a lifetime.

This is your life and it’s time you learned to fish.

It is time you found your own answers and your own wisdom.

I can help you find your answer and your wisdom, just click: Schedule My Consultation With Cindy

I will help you!