How often do you say yes when you want to say no?

How often do you say:

  • I have to check my budget.
  • I have to talk to my spouse.
  • I have to check my calendar.
  • I will let you know.

When you really want to say no?

There is nothing wrong with saying any of the above,

Unless you are avoiding saying no.

Why do people avoid saying no?

Often, they are afraid:

  • They will hurt someone’s feelings.
  • They will disappoint someone.
  • They will not measure up.
  • They will have to explain their answer.

Considered by not giving a firm yes or no:

  • You give away your personal power.
  • You are keeping others from moving on.

Do you want:

  • The salesperson to stop calling you.
  • The friend to find a new volunteer.
  • Your family to find a new location for the holiday gathering.

Then say what you mean.

Say no.

People can’t read your mind.

You need to say what you mean.

I want you to practice saying yes and no.

I want you to consider you don’t have to explain.

Simply say either yes or no.

If someone asks why simply answer:

  • Because I want to, or
  • Because I don’t want to.

No excuses.

Just because people ask for an explanation,

Doesn’t mean you have to explain.

Just a simple yes or no will do.

If you struggle with this, think about it like being at a cocktail party.

The servers are carrying trays of appetizers.

A server offers you an appetizer and you say no.

A different server offers you a different appetizer and you say yes.

The servers don’t ask why you said yes or no.

They just keep doing their job.

They either give you an appetizer or they don’t.

They aren’t offended if you say no.

It is the same with people in your life.

They ask.

You say yes or no.

If they are offended that is on them, not you.

Their upset has nothing to do with you.

It is about them.

I encourage you to stop avoiding answering.

Instead, give a firm yes or a firm no.

This can change your life.

Because it puts you back in charge.

You are doing what you want to do.

You aren’t doing what you don’t want to do.

You are in your power.

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