Sometimes survivors are afraid to get help.

I remember being afraid.

It was early in my healing process.

I had done a few months of therapy.

The therapist was holding a weekend retreat for survivors.

My husband and I arrived at the retreat center.

We were directed to our room.

As I entered our room, I was overcome with fear.

I started crying hard.

The fear I experienced was overpowering.

I told my husband to take me home.

He gently refused.

He asked that I attend the opening session.

Then if I still wanted to leave, he would take me home.

Eventually I agreed to stay.

It took a long time, but the fear eased up.

The tears stopped.

I went to the opening session.

I am so glad I stayed.

I did some great healing work at that retreat.

So why was I so afraid?

Why might you be afraid?

This fear is normal for survivors.

Prior to abuse, you probably thought you were safe.

Then suddenly you weren’t.

The abuse came out of the blue.

Maybe your abuser was someone you trusted.

Sexual abuse is never about the sex.

It is always about power and control.

The abuser has power over their victim.

In the moment the victim is powerless.

Your mind instantly goes into survival mode.

You did what you had to do to survive the abuse.

But your trust in others and yourself was violated.

It is normal to feel afraid that:

  • You might be put in a situation like that again.
  • You won’t be safe.
  • You can’t trust others.
  • You can’t trust yourself.

All those fears, and more are normal.

Here is what I want you to know:

  • You are safe with me.
  • I will always believe you.
  • I will keep you and your situation in confidence.
  • I will treat you and your healing as a sacred trust.
  • I will walk this healing journey with you.
  • I have your back.

So, if you are considering:

  • Attending an event, I am hosting.
  • Participating in one of my groups.
  • Coaching with me one-on-one

Know that you will be:

  • Safe
  • Believed
  • Supported
  • Loved Unconditionally

If you would like help healing and/or dealing with your fear, just click: Schedule My Consultation With Cindy

I will help you!