I had a client say to me:

“I don’t just put off things at work,

I put off doing things in my personal life.

This is true of all of us.

The way we do one thing is often the way we do many things.

But the question is why do we do things that don’t work?

Can you answer that question for yourself?

The answer is important.

It is the key to unlocking your success.

Say what?


Case in point with the client:

When I asked her why she put off doing things, she replied:

“I don’t like doing things that make me uncomfortable.”

Next, I asked, when you think the thought:

“I don’t like doing things that make me uncomfortable”,

How do you feel?”

Her answer was “Overwhelmed”.

I asked her when you feel overwhelmed what happens?

She replied: “I go do something else, that isn’t stressful. I go shopping or watch TV.”

Can you see this gives her a result of not reach her goals at work or in her personal life?

This client is like so many of us.

We stop doing things because of how we feel.

That feeling is caused by a thought we are thinking.

Guess what?

You can change that thought.

Change that thought and you will feel differently.

So, I asked the client what results she wanted to create.

She wanted to reach her sales goal.

I asked her what action she would have to take to get that result.

She listed her action steps.

I asked her how she would need to feel to take those actions.

She replied she needed to feel confident.

I asked her what thought she could think that would have her feeling confident.

She replied: I am knowledgeable and help people provide for their retirement. I know how to do this!

I asked her if that thought caused her to feel confident.

She replied: Yes!

When she practices that thought and feels confident, she will complete her action steps and achieve her results.

Here is my question for you:

Where are you not getting the results you want?

I promise you if you examine and change your thinking, you will get the results you want.

This process takes practice to learn.

It takes the support of a Coach.

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