This morning a post on Facebook was shared.

The post about our current world was dark and negative.

The sharer asked what other’s thought about the post.

It was fascinating to see how many commented the post was true.

The post did not state facts.

Let be clear about facts.

Facts are something everyone can agree on.


  • The temperature on the outside thermometer.
  • A court ruling.
  • When we quote someone saying “They said … (must be exact).
  • What someone did (must be exact).

Everything else is just our own thoughts and feelings.

So, when you read or hear some say things like:

  • If you don’t do _____________, you are _____________.
  • No one has values or morals anymore.
  • You can get food delivered faster than a response to 911.
  • People don’t fear God but fear terrorists.
  • Kids are ready to leave families just to rebel.
  • The President is a jerk.
  • If you don’t support the President, you’re not patriotic.

Be careful!

All of these and so much more are only someone else’s thoughts.

I am asking you to take the time to examine what you think.

Here is why:

  • What you decide is true becomes your belief.
  • What you choose to believe becomes your reality.

So, if you believe you have been victimized,

You might start to live life as a victim.

If you believe that something ruined your life,

Then you might live as if your life is ruined forever.

If you believe the world is a scary place,

Then you will encounter scary things.

I want you to focus your thoughts on:

  • All that is good.
  • All that is beautiful.
  • All that empowers you.
  • The future you want to create.

Your brain is just like your body.

Feed your body healthy food and exercise,

You get a healthy body.

Practice thinking empowered thoughts,

You get an empowered life.

I wanted to be very clear,

I am NOT saying:

  • Just think positive
  • Just visualize sunshine and daisies
  • Nothing bad happens

No, I am not saying that.

Bad things happen every day.

Just don’t tell yourself a story about what happened.

When we do that, we begin to believe our thoughts are facts.

Then those thoughts create our life.

Instead, I am saying:

Separate the facts of what happened from,

Your thoughts and feelings about it.

Then consciously choose.

Choose to think empowering thoughts that move you forward.

Not disempowering thoughts that hold you back.

Choose where your mind lives.

Do this by noticing the thoughts that don’t serve you.

Replace those thoughts with thoughts that do serve you.

Then those empowering thoughts will become your life.

This is a process.

It takes time and daily practice.

And I promise you if any part of your life,

Is not the way you want it,

It is because of your thinking.

I am not blaming you.

I am saying you have the power to change your thinking.

Changing your thinking will give you the life you want.

If you would like help transforming disempowering thinking, just click: Schedule My Consultation With Cindy

I will help you!