This weekend I had a chance to attend GirlCon,

A gathering for Girl Scouts.

When asked where self-esteem comes,

The girls replied: “From what others tell you.”

Now before you shake your head at these up and coming leaders,

Take a look in the mirror.

How often do you look to others for:

Their approval

Feeling good or bad about yourself

I think we all do that more than we want to admit.

Here is the truth:

Self-esteem comes from what we tell ourselves about ourselves.

I can here the yes but …. what about when:

  • My husband says I’ve gained weight.
  • My mother disapproves of how I raise my kids.
  • My co-worker or boss has issue with how I live my life.
  • My best friend says hurtful things.

Here is the answer:

  • Don’t buy what they are selling!
  • Don’t buy other people’s thoughts.
  • Those thoughts belong to them not you.

Think about this like going to a restaurant.

You want to order prime rib,

But the waiter tells you he will only bring you boiled chicken.

You don’t want boiled chicken.

So, you get up and leave.

It’s like anything you buy.

If you want a certain color and style of shoe

But the shoe salesperson tries to sell you something else,

Chances are you won’t buy that.

Chances are you will go where they will sell you the shoe you want.

Believe it or not,

Someone is always trying to sell you something.

Sometimes they are trying to sell you their thoughts.

You are under no obligation to buy those thoughts.

They can think their thoughts and …

You don’t have to buy their thoughts.

Instead buy the thoughts you want to think!

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