Today I woke up feeling:

  • Discouraged
  • Negative
  • Bummed
  • Out of sorts

Has that ever happened to you?

I have had friends tell me:

“I’m just off today, I don’t know why.”

The thing is there is a reason why.

The why is a thought or thoughts you are thinking.

You probably don’t even realize you are thinking them.

They are just there in the back of your mind.

Brains can be like that.

They can churn out one disempowering thought after another.

Your brain does it so efficiently, you don’t even question it.

You accept that you feel “off” as if it were a fact.

But it isn’t a fact.

It is just the weather.

Say what?

Yep it is just your brain reporting the weather.

The meteorologist might report today it will:

  • Snow
  • Rain
  • Be sunny and warm

I know at least where I live, winter is holding on.

We have more snow and cold than is normal this time of year.

But it is not the snow and cold that makes me feel:

Irritated and grumpy at the snow and cold.

No, it is my thought which is:

I am tired of all this cold and snow.

That thought makes me feel irritated and grumpy.

It is the same for every one of us.

You mind turns out thoughts 24/7.

Those thoughts cause you to feel how you feel.

But those thoughts are not necessarily true.

They are just thoughts.

You can choose to think and believe those thoughts.

Or you can choose to think and believe something else.

You not your brain, not your thoughts, get to choose.

So, this morning when I work up feeling off,

I asked myself:

What thought or thoughts is my brain churning out?

They were completely disempowering:

  • You can’t do this.
  • No one wants to work with me.
  • The work I ask people to do is too hard.
  • I can’t figure out Facebook ads.


Those thoughts will not help me.

So instead I found a new thought to think for each disempowering thought:

  • I can and will grow my business.
  • Women survivors of sexual abuse are desperate for the help and healing I offer.
  • My ideal client wants to do the work to heal and they are looking for me to help them.
  • I can learn to do successful Facebook ads.

Can you see the difference?

In any moment of you life you get to choose:

  • Believe and become victim to the lies your brain is churning out, or …
  • Take charge of your thinking to create the results you want.

So, the next time you wake up in a funk, ask yourself:

  1. What thought, or thoughts is causing me to feel that way?
  2. Create an empowering thought to replace each disempowering thought and choose to think that thought.

Retraining your thinking takes practice.

The most common error is believing your thoughts are facts.

That’s why you want to work with me.

I am an expert and separating facts from thoughts.

I am an expert at helping you retrain your brain.

I am an expert at helping you create the life you want.

I can and will help you!

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