“We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by.”

Use to be a common phrase.

Now we read “Oh Snap” or “Something has gone wrong.”

This past week has been full of technical difficulties for me.

I have been pushing towards self-imposed deadlines.

As I:

  • Revised my website
  • Developed a new ad
  • Designed photos for the ad
  • Designed an ad funnel
  • Had the door swing on the washer changed
  • Decided what clothes to wear on my trip
  • Planned my food for my weight loss

It seemed at every turn I was met with a difficulty.

The ones with my website and ad campaign went on for over a week.

I wanted to:

  • Quit
  • Scream
  • Swear
  • Throw something
  • Give up

But I didn’t

I wanted to

But I didn’t

I did, however, feel extremely frustrated.

Today my coach asked:

“What thought are you thinking that is causing you to feel frustrated.”

Just like my clients, I wanted my coach to understand.

It wasn’t my thought!

It was what was going on!

Things just weren’t working out.

Hmmm ….. she said:

What if you didn’t think “things just aren’t working out”?

What could you think instead?

I didn’t want to think something else instead.

But, no, my thought wasn’t serving me.

So, I chose another thought.

Nothing has gone wrong here.

Everything is going according to plan.

And just like that my frustration vanished

I relaxed.

I could breath.

Here’s the thing.

Life is full of:

  • Technical difficulties
  • Obstacles
  • Things that don’t go the way we want
  • Things that don’t happen when we want them to happen.

So, we ca be frustrated, upset, etc.

But we are only hurting ourselves.

Or ….

We can choose another thought

And …



Really nothing has gone wrong here.

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