This morning I woke with the thought:

I just don’t feel like it.

It didn’t matter what “it” was.

I just didn’t feel like it.

I bet that happens to you too:

Whether it is your:

  • Mindset work.
  • Exercise plan.
  • Eating program.
  • Goals.
  • Job.
  • Bills to pay.
  • House to clean.
  • Errands to run.

Sometimes we just don’t feel like it.

So what?

What happens when you don’t feel like it?

This is a great time to stop and evaluate.

Maybe you have been pushing hard and you need a break.

Maybe your are physically exhausted and need rest.

Maybe your body needs food or water.

Maybe you have a cold or the flu.

All of those need to be addressed.

But what if like me, it wasn’t any of that?

What if you just don’t feel like it?

In that case you want to remember:

I just don’t fee like it is only a thought.

The thing about thoughts are:

  • You not your thoughts are in charge.
  • All thoughts are optional.
  • You get to choose what you want to think.

So, if it is just thought:

1. Do a thought download. Write down all the reasons you don’t feel like it.

2. Pick one thought.

3. How does that thought make you feel?

4. When you feel that way what do you do?

5. When you do that do you get the result you want?

6. If not pick a thought that serves you better.

I decided to pick the thought:

I can take steps today to move things forward.

Because thinking I just don’t feel like it,

Had me feeling defeated.

That had me doing nothing.

Doing nothing kept me from my desired result.

So, I choose to think something else.

I choose to think:

I can take steps today to move things forward.

That had me feeling excited.

Feeling excited had me taking action.

Taking action gave me the result of moving closer to my goal.

On the days you just don’t feel like it this process will help you.

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