It is easy to believe only you have suffered.

Only you have encountered obstacles.

You believe others have been through things,

But nothing like what you have been through.

This is a lie.

And it is not helping you.

I know that seems harsh and hard to read.

But I want you to consider that everyone has hard times.

You might not know about their obstacles,

But I promise you everyone has difficulties.

It is easy to argue that yours are harder than others.

Again, I promise you, this is not true.

Here is the truth: How you think about your difficulties will either:

  • Stop you, or
  • Grow you.

Believe it or not, you get to choose how you think about what has happened to you.

I know what I am talking about.

In my life I have been:

  • A child of divorced parents
  • Sexually abused for 15 years
  • Married and divorced
  • Through a miscarriage
  • Over protective of my only child to the point that it almost ended our relationship
  • Diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Diagnosed with depilating ear, sinus and bronchial infections all my life
  • Married to a man addicted to porn which almost ended my second marriage
  • Suicidal
  • Diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer
  • Through a second breast cancer scare
  • Through my husband’s depilating stroke and recovery
  • Through his second stroke scare
  • Through multiple surgeries for gallbladder, appendix, hysterectomy and two foot surgeries
  • Through five months of debilitating vertigo where I walked with a cane and couldn’t drive
  • Almost bankrupted twice

I want to point out it is not the number of things that happen to us.

A single life event can derail one person while another sails through multiple events.

There isn’t a good or bad, right or wrong about it.

The point is you (not what happened to you) are in charge of your life.

Yes, what happened was awful!

No, you didn’t deserve it.

But awful, undeserved things happen to everyone.

So, you can continue to let it run your life or you can take back your power.

Working on your thinking about what happened is how you take back your power.

Realizing that you weren’t singled out,

That everyone goes through difficult times,

Is also helpful.

I have a quote that helps me with all of this:

You can give up, give in or give it all you’ve got.

I choose to give my life all I’ve got.

You can too.

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