The term “coach” is used a lot in our current society:

  • Life Coach
  • Mindset Coach
  • Mindfulness Coach
  • Success Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Leadership Coach
  • Sports Coach
  • Health Coach

On and on it goes.

It can be confusing or even off-putting.

So, what is a coach?

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

How do you choose a qualified coach?

Let’s start with choosing a qualified coach.

Many people that don’t have any formal training use the term coach.

Just because you have had life experiences does not make you a coach.

Look for coaches that have had formal training.

I have had formal training and am Certified through the Life Coach School.

I have also trained under a coach from the Accomplishment Coaching School.

I am a graduate of several Landmark courses.

In addition, my training and education is on-going through The Life Coach School.

I must retest and recertify annually.

Look for a coach that is a fit for you.

Do a free coaching session before you hire a coach.

All professional coaches offer a free session.

By the end of the session you will know if the coach is a fit for you.

Why choose a coach?

How is a coach different from a therapist?

A life coaches helps you identify and describe current problematic behaviors so you can work to modify them.

In the my coaching, I teach you to modify your behavior by noticing and modifying your thoughts and feelings.

Noticing current thoughts and feelings, then modifying them is what changes behavior.

Because thoughts and feelings are the bases for all behaviors.

This is different than therapy.

A therapist analyzes the client’s past in order to understand present behaviors.

In general therapists tend to be past focused,

While coaches tend to be present focused.

In my coaching I do not need to know about your past to help you.

Many people are afraid they will have to relive their past when they work with me.

This is not true.

My clients receive great benefit without revisiting their past.

Some clients choose to revisit their past as part of their healing.

Some clients choose not to revisit their past.

In the work I help you do, both ways are successful.


  • Is used by people who are already successful and want to create more success.
  • Puts clients back in control of their power, joy and results.
  • Is goal-based, solution-focused and results-oriented.

Now you know what a life coach is.

To find out if coaching with me is a fit for you, just click Schedule My FREE Mini Session Now