If you don’t like your results,

Examine your actions.

If your actions don’t serve you,

Examine your feelings,

If your feeling doesn’t motivate you,

Ask what thought you are thinking.

We are taught to power through to the result.

But that only works in the short term.

Ever wonder why you:

  • Lose weight and gain it back.
  • Start exercising and then quit.
  • Set a business goal, but don’t achieve it.
  • Are in and out of relationships.
  • Still experience pain from you past.

It is because in the long run people are not driven by results.

No, they are driven by how they feel.

You may want to lose 50 pounds.

Yet, you eat dessert.

You want to grow your business,

But you clean the house instead of working on your business.

You want to run a marathon,

But you sleep in, instead of going for a run.

You want to stop being triggered by pain from your past,

But you don’t reach out for help.

You keep asking yourself why.

Why isn’t the right question.

The questions are:

  1. Do I like the results I am getting? If the answer is no, ask:
  2. Am I taking the actions to get that result? If the answer is no, ask:
  3. How do I feeling about taking that action?
  4. If that feeling doesn’t motivate you to take the action, then ask:
  5. What thought am I thinking that has me feeling that way?

If none of the above is working for you, change your thought.

  1. Ask: What thought could I think about myself that would have me feel better?
  2. Ask: If I think that thought how will I feel?
  3. Ask: When I feel that way what will I do?
  4. Ask: If I do that will I get the result I want? If not go back and do questions 6-10 until you get the result you want.

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