I have a sign in my kitchen that reads:

Chocolate is the answer, who cares about the problem.

Reading that you might think: “She likes chocolate”.

And you would be right.

I used to say:

“I am a chocoholic”

I believed that was true.

I believed that chocolate held power over me.

I believed I had a chocolate addiction.

I told people that I was addicted to chocolate.

I even thought I had proof.

It was the quantity of chocolate bars I ate in a day.

The truth is, the following are not circumstances/facts:

  • I am a chocoholic
  • I am powerless against chocolate

They are only thoughts that I chose to think.

I also used to say: “I get sick more than most people”

Again, I had proof.

The number of sinus infection I had in a year.

Again, “I get sick more than most people” is not a fact.

It is not a circumstance.

It is a thought.

It is common for people to treat thoughts like facts.

The problem with that is:

  • We give our power to a thought.
  • We make decisions we don’t want to make based on a thought.
  • We stop working towards the life we want because of a thought.
  • We end relationships because of a thought.
  • We leave jobs because of a thought.

I want you to notice the difference between circumstances/facts and thoughts.

A circumstance is something everyone can agree on down to the smallest detail.

“My doctor diagnosed me with my second sinus infection in 12 months” is a circumstance/fact.

“I get sick more often than most people” is a thought.

Can you see the distinction?

Once you can see the difference between circumstance/fact and thought,

You can decide if you want to think that thought.

Yes, that’s right.

All thoughts are optional!

So, if you don’t like how you feel, act or the results you are getting,

Stop and ask: “What is the thought am I thinking?”

If the thought doesn’t serve you,

Choose a different thought to think.

This is called intentional thinking.

Your brains churn out 40,000 thoughts a day.

These unintentional thoughts run mostly unnoticed by you.

Like elevator music.

Yet, they influence how you feel, act and the results you get.

By the way, if you just said to yourself something like:

“I don’t have 40,000 thoughts a day.”

That would be an unintentional thought.

And, I bet you hardly noticed it.

Here is the good news:

You, not your thoughts are in charge.

You are only the watcher of your thoughts.

Spending time noticing your thoughts,

Realizing they are not circumstances/facts,

Is the first step on the way to taking charge of your life.

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