Most of the time we are so busy pushing towards our goals.

Most of the time we are finding fault with ourselves.

Most of the time we are full of self-criticism.

We wake up.

Get out of bed.

Look in the mirror.

We see a wrinkle.

A sag.

Too much weight.

Not enough weight.

Our hair is too straight.

Our hair is too curly.

Our lips are too thin.

Our teeth are not movie star white.

We start our work day.

We focus on how much we have left to do.

How much we have yet to accomplish.

We look at Facebook …

And compare our self to others we think are better or farther along than us.

On and on it goes.

I’ve worked with a lot of clients.

Some have been in business for years.

Some are starting new businesses.

Some have been at the same job for years.

Young or older.

Skinny or not.

New to their career or established.

If you saw them in their life, you would think they were successful.

But none of that matters.

Every single one doesn’t see their own accomplishments.

They don’t see how far they have come.

They only see how far they have to go.

This is such a common human trait.

And, it is a trait that contributes to:

  • Getting stuck.
  • Getting discouraged.
  • Giving up.

I get it.

We all have so much we want to accomplish.

We all ask:

  • When will I finally heal?
  • When will I stop being triggered by my past abuse?
  • When will my body look the way I want it to look?
  • When will I reach my goal weight?
  • When will I be successful in my career or business?
  • When will I be happy in my marriage?
  • When will I feel fulfilled?

Here is the thing:

Your healing, career/business, income, weight goals, etc. are all a process.

Your happiness and sense of fulfillment are not.

Regardless of where you are on the way to your goals,

You can be happy now.

You can be fulfilled now.

One way to begin to feel happy and fulfilled now is to acknowledge your accomplishments.

Give yourself 5 minutes.

Set a timer.

Now, write down everything you have accomplished in your life.


Now read your accomplishments.

I bet they were more than you realized.

This is the beginning of your Accomplishment Log.

Read it every night.

Add one new accomplishment to it at the end of each day.

Yes, you have goals.

You are on a journey to reaching those goals.

As you read your Accomplishment Log daily, you will see:

You have come farther than you realized.

Good for you!

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