How often do you seek someone else’s approval?

I know it is something I have often done.

We think if we get someone else’s approval:

  • We will be validated.
  • We will be accepted.
  • We will be valuable.
  • We will be loved.
  • We will be worthy.
  • We will be good enough.

But what if that wasn’t true?

What if you already were:

  • Validated
  • Valuable
  • Loved
  • Worthy
  • Good Enough

Consider that you came into this world whole, perfect and complete.

Then what?

You wouldn’t need anyone’s approval to feel good about yourself.

I want you to really think about this because:

You always have been whole, perfect and complete.

Coming from that perspective ask yourself:

How can I validate myself?

  1. What examples can I show myself where I have provided value?
  2. How can I show myself love every day?
  3. What thought can I think that would have me feeling worthy?
  4. What thought can I think that would have me feeling good enough?
  5. In the past what has kept you from feeling validated, valuable, loved, worthy, or good enough?

In answering that question, I bet you will see it was because you were wanting someone else to provide you with these feelings.

Here is the thing:

In expecting someone else to make you feel good, you give away your power, and

No one can make you feel or not feel anything.

It is only your own thoughts that make you feel what you feel.

Think about it like this:

You get dressed to go to an event.

You look in the mirror and think “Ugh, this outfit is tight. I look fat. Today is a bad hair day.”

You feel discouraged about your body.

You arrive at the event.

Someone says to you: “You look so pretty.”

If you are like me, you think: “They are just saying that to be nice. I don’t look that great.”

You still feel discouraged about your body.

See, no one can make you feel pretty.

No one can make you feel anything.

It is your thought that causes your feeling.

Consider that you can take back your power.

You can choose thoughts that make you feel how you want to feel.

You can give yourself all the approval you want!

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