As you know, I am a Certified Life Coach.

I teach this stuff.

My hubby, Chuck, is a Journeyman Electrician with extensive professional remodeling skills.

Seems like a perfect match.

Not necessarily so.

We are mounting a TV on the wall & assembling and installing an electric fireplace.

In the process we seem to be miscommunicating A LOT and …

I was getting frustrated.

What is wrong with him ….

Oh, wait he doesn’t cause my feelings.

My own thoughts cause my feelings & thus my frustration.

So, I stopped, took a breath, did my own work, took responsibility for my thoughts and feelings.

Then calmly I said: “Seems like we are miscommunicating. Does it seem that way to you?”

Chuck said: “Yes.”

We both stopped, took deep breaths, slowed down.

Then started again.

So much better.

During this time of year, it is so easy to rush.

Then things are said, people get upset.

Reminding myself & sharing there is always time to slow down breath and,

To take responsibility for our own thoughts & feelings and calm down before continuing.

Happy Holidays!

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