What do you see when you look at your life? Is it like what you see when you look at this photo? Do you see a fireplace mantel and frame without a fireplace? Do you see an undecorated tree? Do you see someone who might not be ready for Christmas on time? Funny, that is not what I see.

My hubby and I gave ourselves an electric fireplace for Christmas. Because “some assembling is required” and that assembling took a great deal of space, our Christmas decorations are not up. The tree is not decorated. Our dinning room is full of boxes filled with Christmas décor waiting to be unpacked. Basically, our dinning room is unusable and looks like a hoarder lives here. Our living room couch is filled with the TV and tech equipment.

The gift of the fireplace is causing us to mount our TV on the wall instead of inside a cabinet. This is a major redo! It didn’t occur to me that decorating the tree or the house before the fireplace was assembled and the TV mounted on the wall could mean some decorations could get broken. So glad my hubby pointed this out.

Yesterday the fireplace arrived with a damaged insert. A replacement is being sent. In the meantime, we assembled the mantle and frame. I was so excited! I sent pictures to family and friends. One friend replied: “It looks like it needs a poster or photo inside or some logs.” What? That wasn’t what I saw.

I saw a completely functioning electric fireplace. I imagined the warmth. I envisioned the tree and house fully decorated, the TV on the wall, the tech equipment in place, the dinning room back to normal and usable. It is from the view of “as good as done” that I am thinking, feeling and acting. Will everything be ready for Christmas? That is how I am choosing to think, feel and act. If not, it will be so much farther along than in the photo.

“Good as done” is a great way to think about your life and your healing journey. It is normal to look at yourself and see only your flaws, only what you think is your incompleteness. “If I could only heal from this sexual abuse, then my marriage would be better. If I wasn’t so fearful or controlling. I have been working on my healing for so long.” Can you see those thoughts can keep you stuck?

What if you thought about your life and your healing, about who you want to be as being “good as done”. What if a fully healed you could come back in time to show you what is possible for your life. What if you lived from your future-self instead of your past or your present? How long would it take to create your life from that perspective? Does it matter? From that perspective you would be so much farther along!  Here is how to get started:

Write a letter from your fully healed future-self that is living the life you desire. Be specific:

Dear       ,

I am sending you this letter to let you know that in the not so distant future you will be so happy because _____________.

You have overcome _____________________________.

You no longer struggle with _______________________.

This is what you have accomplished __________________.

I am proud of you because __________________________.

I love you because ____________________________.

I want you to know whatever you dream, you can accomplish, and I will be here waiting to celebrate all your accomplishments with you here in the future.

All My Love,

Spend a couple minutes every day reading your letter and visualizing your future life.

Ask yourself:

What did I do to accomplish these results?

How did I feel to be motivated to do those things?

What thought did I think that caused me to feel that way?

Practice thinking, feeling, acting that way every day.

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