Have you noticed how quickly your good mood can change?

Something happens.

Someone says or does something.

Even for reasons you can’t explain suddenly you are out of sorts.

This can lead from one negative event, to a negative day and even a negative life.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Frequent self-check in can stop the flow of negativity.

In life we rarely take time to do a self-check in.

We think we don’t have time.

This is a lie that keeps you from caring for yourself.

You would never say:

“I don’t have time to go to the ladies’ room”,

And then allow yourself to have an accident.

Even in a busy work environment you run to the bathroom.

Consider that a self-check in doesn’t take any longer.

When you move from one interaction to another.

When you notice your head or neck hurt.

When your jaw is clenched.

When you feel upset.

When you feel tired or drained.

When you go to the ladies’ room.

When you are eating.

When you are driving.

When you are on a break.

All of these are great times to do a self-check in.

Just ask yourself:

How does my body feel?

What is the sensation my body is experiencing?

Is the sensation hard or soft?

Is the sensation fast or slow?

What color is the sensation?

What feeling is causing the sensation?

What thought is causing that feeling?

If you are hurrying, simply write down or text the thought and feeling to yourself to work on later.

If you have a moment, ask yourself:

What thought could you think that would cause you to feel better?

How would this new thought cause you to feel?

Even if you don’t have time to process feelings and thoughts,

Choosing to stop and take 5 slow breaths in, and 5 slow breaths out can help you regain your center.

Frequent self-check in throughout your day helps you:


Notice your thinking.

Change your thinking to put your day back on course.

Become more self-aware.

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