The Model is one of the foundational tools in Mindset/Thought work.

Just learning how to properly do a Thought Download and work The Model is life changing for most of my clients.

There are five pieces to The Model:

C: Circumstance (fact), it is neutral, something everyone can agree on.

T: Thought, a sentence you think in your mind about the Circumstance.

F: Feeling, a single word feeling that is generated by the Thought you think.

A: Action, what you do or don’t do because of what you are Feeling.

R: Result, what you get or create based on the Actions you do or don’t take.

Sounds simple doesn’t it?

It’s not.

I practiced Models for 1 ½ years without success.

Then I trained to become a Certified Coach.

In my training Brooke Castillo and her Master Coaches reviewed my Models.

I was doing what most people do.

Putting my Thought in the C Line.

I believed my Thought was a Circumstance (fact).

It was not.

It was a Thought.

So, be careful.

Most of us want to believe our Thought is a fact.

Question yourself.

Is what you believe to be a Circumstance, something EVERYONE would agree on down to the smallest detail?

If not, it is not a Circumstance.

It is a Thought.

The second most common mistake is putting a sentence in the F Line (Feeling).

If you want to put a sentence in the Feeling Line you are most likely putting a different Thought in the F Line.

It is common to have multiple Thoughts about a single Circumstance.

That is why you do a Thought Download before you do The Model.

Pick only one Thought to put in the Model.

You can do multiple Models on a single Circumstance.

Each Model has:

One Circumstance.

One Thought.

One single word Feeling.

The Action or multiple actions you do or don’t do.

One Result.

In Each Model Your Result will prove your Thought.

The Model you do on the Thought you think about the Circumstance is called an Unintentional Model.

Once you complete The Model take time to look at it.

Notice that your Feeling, Actions and Result are NOT caused by your Circumstance.

They are only caused by the Thought you are thinking.

We know this is true because others think a different thought than you think about the same Circumstance.

The feel and act different about the Circumstance than you do.

They get a different result.

Look at your Model again.

Ask yourself:

Is this how you want to Feel and Act?

Is this the Result you want?

If not, do an Intentional Model.

An Intentional Model has the same Circumstance as the Unintentional Model.

Ask yourself what thought you could think about yourself (no one else) that would have you feeling better.

Be careful here.

It is common to want to have a thought about how someone else would act differently.

The Model is never about them.

It is only about you.

Now you have the Thought you want to think to feel better.

Ask yourself:

How does that Thought make you feel (single word feeling)?

What action does that Feeling motivate you to take?

What is the Result you get when you take that Action?

Does the Result prove the Thought?

Is that the Result you want?

If the answer is no,

Go back and do a new Intentional Model.

If the answer is yes,

Practice thinking this Intentional Thought over and over several times every day.

Doing this will change:

How you Think, Feel and Act.

Doing this will give you the Results you want in your life.

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