In many of my blogs, I mention a Thought Download.

A Thought Download simply allows you to have a starting point for noticing an examining your thoughts.

It, along with The Model, don’t take long to do on a daily basis.

You can do a Thought Download and Model in 10 minutes.

Although 15 minutes is better.

I will explain The Model in tomorrow’s blog post.

To do a Thought Download start by writing down everything that comes into your mind.

Don’t sensor or judge.

Just write.

You can set a timer and write for just 5 minutes.

Look through what you wrote and separate out your thoughts from circumstances, feelings and actions.

Circumstance are facts, completely neutral, something everyone can agree on.

Feelings are single word feelings (happy, sad, etc.)

Actions are something you do or don’t do (I cried, I went to work, I watched TV)

Everything that is left are your thoughts.

Pick one thought to use in The Model.

I will explain how to do The Model tomorrow.

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