It is Black Friday

All the advertising is telling us to buy, to splurge

The stores want us to believe that the new TV, computer, clothes, jewelry, car will make us feel better

Restaurants and grocery stores are packed with only available at the holiday food and drinks

Car Dealers show us pictures of cars with big red bows

The casinos are giving away money and big boy toys galore

There are party after party where the food and drink flow like water

It is so easy to splurge

We overeat, overdrink, over-spend, over-party, maybe even over-drug and gamble

Like the Who in Whoville in the story “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” we go into an overdrive of splurging

Often this is at the cost of our emotional, mental, physical and financial well-being

Often, we do it unconsciously to help ourselves feel better

Then January arrives and so do the credit card bills and bathroom scale

We can end up feeling awful

There is a better way!

Learning to manage your thoughts, feelings and actions to create the results that you desire

To create a life that will satisfy deep down, long after the holiday push to splurge has passed.

If you would like help resisting the urge to splurge and instead creating a life that satisfies you deep down inside, just click Schedule My Mini Session Now