Thanksgiving is here.

Along with all the travel, shopping, meal prep and time with family.

It can be fun.

It can be stressful.

It is easier for survivors of sexual abuse to get triggered.

It is easier for anyone to get triggered.

Holidays can bring up unpleasant or even difficult memories.

Family members can do and say things and we get triggered.

That is why self-care is so especially important during the holiday season.

There are big ways to give yourself self-care:

Manicure, Pedicure




You might be saying who has time or money for that?

Don’t limit yourself to big time or money self-care items.

Small self-care steps go a long way to supporting your peace of mind.

Get a consistent good nights’ sleep.

Being rested allows us to tap into our emotional reserve when triggered.

Schedule 10 minutes first thing every morning to do your Thought Downloads and Unintentional/Intentional Models.

Breath slow and deep throughout the day.

Consciously relax your shoulders so they come down from your ears.

Consciously unclench your teeth and jaw.

Take a 5-minute break to step outside and walk.

Take a 2-minute break to go somewhere quiet in the house to relax and re-center.

A locked bathroom with a fan or water on, can buy you time to chill.

Remember you and the holiday don’t have to be perfect.

You got this!

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