It is 9:02pm Wednesday evening.

I just got back from my third trip to my third grocery store.

Looking for just the right fresh cranberries for Thanksgiving.

I got up at 4:00am this morning.

I made 3 separate trips in between my appointments and an evening meeting.

I am tired.

I am grumbling.

Why couldn’t the first or second store have the cranberries I like?

Then I stopped.

I remember how fortunate I am.

I am so thankful that I live where there are three grocery stores.

I am so thankful that I have a choice of cranberries to pick from.

In the hustle and bustle of our day,

In our desire to hurry and reach our goals,

In our rush to heal,

Sometimes we forget to stop and be thankful.

I read somewhere if you wake up, you have something to be thankful for…

Because you are still here.

You are alive.

Stopping to give thanks is part of the journey.

It is part of self-care.

The more often we find things to be thankful for,

The more things will come into our life that we are thankful for.

So today, I am asking you:

What are you thankful for ….

About yourself?

About others?

About your life?

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