Most of us have a fantasy that our family Thanksgiving and other holidays will be like a Norman Rockwell painting. Yet they are usually closer to something out of one of those supposedly funny but highly dysfunctional holiday movies like “Four Christmases”. In fact, I just saw a photo titled “Seven Valid Reasons Not To See Family At Thanksgiving.” Yikes!

What if the reality was not a Norman Rockwell holiday and not a dysfunctional holiday. And what if you could decide ahead of time how your holiday is going to go. Good news! You can! You deserve to create a holiday that works for you, that creates your happy, regardless of how others around you may behave. Give yourself the gift of your personal happy holiday by taking time to answer the following questions:

What is the event?

What will be challenging about the event?

What do you want to do at the event?

What is your decision ahead of time?

What is your commitment to what you want to create for yourself?

What is your specific plan to carry this out?

When you get to the event, how will you justify or excuse yourself for not following this plan?

Anticipate and plan for obstacles to your plan and come up with strategies to overcome these obstacles.

Visualize three scenarios where you are challenged, and you take the action you want to take.

If it gets really hard, what is your plan?

Write a message to yourself that you could read at this event to remind you of how you want to be and what you want to do.

Write a mantra that supports your plan that you can say quietly in your head.

In the end, it is never about what others say or do. It is only about you deciding ahead of time what you want to create for yourself. If you want help creating your personal happy holiday just click Schedule My Mini Session Now