Sometimes we are “in it” (the swirl of our negative/disempowering thoughts)

We don’t even know that we are “in it”

The thoughts don’t seem like thoughts

They seemed real

They seemed like the truth

I was “in it” yesterday and today

A project I am working on wasn’t coming together the way I wanted it to

I’m a Certified Life Coach

I practice what I preach

No, I couldn’t be “in it”

What wasn’t working had nothing to do with my thoughts

Surely it was the circumstance that was the problem

If I could figure out how to change the circumstance everything would work out the way I wanted

So I thought

I asked for help from my fellow coaches

I wanted them to help me figure out how to change my circumstance

They didn’t offer any help that would change my circumstance

Instead they asked me questions:

Why did I think my circumstance was a problem?

What was my thought about my circumstance?

How did that thought make me feel?

How did that feeling cause me to act?

Was that action giving me the result I wanted?

If not change my thought

Darn it!

I realized I was “in it”

Beating myself up for being “in it” would only increase the swirl of my thoughts


Extend myself grace

Do an Unintentional Model

Do an Intentional Model

Oh Look!

I was no longer “in it”

And everything was now working out for me

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