Anxious, depressed, profoundly sad, hurt, overwhelmed, angry. These are just some of the feelings that seem to run uninvited through our mind, heart and body. These feelings can seem like they are out of our control and like they are hurting us. It feels like an unwelcomed alien has taken possession of us. The more we try to not feel that way, the worse it gets. If we could only feel better. Guess what you can!

Think of all feelings, the ones you want and the ones you don’t want, like being at a buffet. There will be food at the buffet that you don’t want (like liver) and food at the buffet that you do want (like chocolate). Feelings are like all the different foods that is served at a buffet. Liver isn’t going to hurt us, it is just not a food many of us would choose to eat. Chocolate on the other hand is something many of us enjoy. Feelings are no different. There are feelings we don’t enjoy (but they won’t hurt us) and feelings we really like.

The interesting thing about feelings is:

  1. They are only a vibration we are experiencing in our body.
  2. They are only caused by a thought we are thinking.
  3. They can’t hurt us.
  4. They will pass.

So, what do we do when difficult feelings show up on our emotional plate? Here are some steps to help you deal with your feelings:

  1. Don’t resist or react to the feeling. Resisting or reacting will only make the feeling more intense and cause it to last longer.
  2. Simply allow the feeling by asking the following questions:
  •      Where and how am I experiencing this feeling in my body?
  •      What color is this feeling?
  •      Is the feeling hard or soft?
  •      Is the feeling fast or slow?
  •      How does this feeling make me want to react?
  •      Why am I feeling this way?
  •      What is the thought or belief that is causing me to have this feeling?
  •      How would I like to feel?
  •      What thought could I think that would have me feel that way?
  1. Write your new thought down and practice saying it out loud several times a day.

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