Daily journaling is a key component of healing. In many of my posts I talk about doing thought downloads. In almost every post I also provide a list of questions for you to answer. Thought downloads and answering questions are a type of journaling.

Why is journaling important?

  1. It allows you to stop the spinning of negativity in your brain. Once down on paper, the brain loosens it grip on that negative thought that previously just wouldn’t let go.
  2. Journaling gives you an opportunity to observe your life. It allows you to become a neutral observe. It gives you a chance to see your negative/disempowering thoughts from a bigger perspective. It keeps the one thing that went wrong in a day from become the whole thing that is wrong with your entire life.
  3. It allows you to pause and evaluate what is going on.
  4. Writing with your hand actually slows your brain down. This allows you to evaluate and prioritize your thoughts.
  5. Journaling allows you to see and separate the circumstances (facts) from your thoughts and feelings. It untangles your mind.

Begin journaling by using the same journal everyday and the same pen every day. These will become visual ques to your brain that it is time to slow down, take a breath and allow time to reflect and process. Start by setting a timer for 5 minutes and justdo a thought downland by writing everything and anything that comes to mind. Take another 5 minutes to look at what you wrote. Can you separate your thoughts from the facts and the feelings? Can you pick one thought and do a Model on that thought? If you don’t know how to do a Model, ask me. I will help you.

In the beginning it is easy to believe that our thoughts are the facts, but remember a fact or circumstance is completely neutral and something that everyone can agree on. If you are having difficulty journaling, separating facts from thoughts and feelings or doing a Model on your thoughts, schedule a free complimentary session with me at www.CindysCalendar.com I will help you.