The word self-worth begins with “Self”. Survivors of sexual abuse often feel unworthy. They feel a lack of self-worth. This could be because we believe our worth was taken from us. However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in coaching I have learned that many of my clients who were not sexually abused also struggle with a lack of self-worth or not feeling worthy.

Take another look at the word:


SELF-worth is something only we can give to ourselves. It isn’t anything that someone else can give us or take away from us.

I see the worth in you. I know YOU ARE WORTHY, but that doesn’t do any good unless you see it for yourself. I want you to consider the possibility that you worthy. I want you to consider working on seeing your own SELF-worth.

Here are some ways to begin to see your own self-worth:

  1. Start a journal of self-gratitude and write in it daily.
  2. Ask yourself: What is your favorite quality about yourself? What one (or more) thing(s) did you do well today? What did you do today that you are proud of? What did you do today that caused you to smile at yourself? How can you show the same appreciation and gratitude to yourself that you show to others
  3. Everyday add to the list in your self-gratitude journal.
  4. Read the entire list from beginning to end every day.

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