Have you seen the movie “How To Train Your Dragon?” In the movie a village of Vikings believes all dragons are dangerous. So, they train their young people to be dragon slayers. They train them to kill the dragons. That is until a young man learns he can train the dragons.

This is not unlike our thoughts. People mistakenly think that their thoughts are running the show. When in truth, our thoughts are like untrained dragons running amok in our mind. Our thoughts are not in charge, we are. With practice we can notice our negative or disempower thoughts and learn to transform them into thoughts that serve us.

Practice is the key. This is not unlike housebreaking a puppy. You don’t take the puppy outside once and expect it to do its business outside from that time on. No, it takes patience, persistence, love, grace and many, many times of setting the puppy outside before the puppy is housebroken.

It is no different with training our thoughts. Be patient and persistent. Schedule a time each day to do a thought download. Just 5 minutes of nonjudgmental free writing. Once your thoughts are down on paper pick one thought and ask the following questions:

  1. How do I feel when I think this thought?
  2. What happens, what do I do when I feel that way?
  3. What is the result I get when I think that thought, feel that way and take those actions?
  4. Is that the result I want. Why or why not
  5. What thought could I think about myself (not someone else) that would allow me to feel better?
  6. How do I feel when I think this new thought?
  7. What happens, what do I do when I feel that way?
  8. What is the result I get when I think the new thought, feel the new feeling and take the new actions?
  9. Do I like the new result better than the old result? Why or Why not?

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