You can deliberately choose your thoughts. The photo that I chose for this article represents “Deliberate Thoughts”. The photo is of me standing by an enormous rhododendron in Abkhazi Garden, Victoria, B.C., Canada. The garden started in 1945 when a World War II Prisoner of War, Peggy Pemberton-Carter bought what appeared to be a rocky and unusable piece of land that was on the then outskirts of Victoria, B.C. The garden is a true testament to deliberate thinking and to love.

In the 1920s Peggy met the exiled Georgian Prince Nicholas Abkhazi. Separated first by Peggy’s mother and later by both Peggy and Nicholas’ imprisonment in distant and separate locations during World War II, it seemed any chance for happiness or love was impossible. Not so! Because Peggy and Nicholas chose not to be defined by their circumstances or the brutality they endured. Peggy ad Nicholas had no children. Yet, their legacy lives on in Abkhazi Garden due to the deliberate thoughts of others that came after them.

Yes, you can deliberately choose your thoughts. But I want to caution you to not just “think positively”. That is not how it works. Last week’s email discussed: “Uncovering Negative Beliefs” and included an exercise to help you uncover and notice your negative thoughts and beliefs. This is a critical first step.

Remember 95% of our thinking is unconscious. It is the negative, disempowering “elevator music” that continually runs through our mind. Don’t believe me? That’s ok. I encourage you to find out for yourself by doing the exercise in last week’s newsletter. Most people I work with think stuff just happens to them. They are shocked to realize they are unconsciously creating the results that they don’t want. This is why it is so important to begin by uncovering your negative thoughts and acknowledge the impact they are having on your life. Once you have done that then the creative process of deliberate thinking can begin.

You can actually create any thought you want to believe and any feeling you want to feel. You can use these thoughts and feelings to drive the actions that will create the results you want.

Deliberate thinking is a choice, but not just a decision. You actually have to practice your new thought repeatedly to create a new neural pathway. It doesn’t take long. It is just a matter of practice and believing the new thought.

Anything you want to change in your life must begin by making a change in your thoughts and beliefs. I hear you saying: “Wait a minute. You don’t understand I have tried over and over again, but it never works for me.” Or “You don’t know what I have been through in my life.” True on both counts. But just for a moment, imagine that between last week’s exercise and today’s exercise, you are being given the keys to unlock and transform what has had you stuck.

You can believe you don’t have a choice. You can continue to blame yourself, others and your circumstances. Or you can believe a new truth. That you are worthy, gorgeous, wonderful, capable and strong. You can belief that no matter what your past was like that you can choose to believe in yourself and the results you want to create from this moment forward. You can choose to believe that you are nothing less than glorious and successful.

Here are some questions to help you create your deliberate thoughts:

  1. What are the results you want most in your life?
  2. What are the beliefs that have kept you from getting these results so far?
  3. What do you need to believe in order to get the results you want?
  4. Why don’t you believe this yet? What thoughts get in the way?
  5. Think about the changes you want to make and visualize yourself having already made them. What’s different about you?
  6. Imagining this change has happened, how do you handle problems differently?
  7. Imagining this change has happened, how do you feel differently?
  8. Imagining this change has happened, how do you act differently?
  9. Imagining this change has happened, how do you show up differently?
  10. When you imagine yourself practicing for this part in your new life, what are you doing well and what do you need to keep practicing?
  11. How will you know when it has clicked for you?

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