A thought is a sentence you think in your brain. A circumstance is a fact that everyone can agree upon and can be proven in a court of law. Thus, your thoughts are not facts.

It is very common for people to think their thoughts are circumstances. In other words that their thoughts are facts, but they are not. A great example is centuries ago people use to believe that the world was flat. People believed you could sail off the edge of the earth into oblivion where “there be dragons”. Back then people believed that “The earth is flat” was a circumstance/fact, but scientist later proved it was only a thought. Other examples of thoughts that we believe are facts are: “They did that to hurt me.” “My spouse no longer loves me.” “My boss goes out of his/her way to make my work difficult”.  These thoughts feel real. They feel factual but consider that they are only a thought you are thinking.

Did you know that studies show we think over 40,000 thoughts each day? Most of those thoughts are negative and cause us to act from disempowerment rather than empowerment. Most of these 40,000 thoughts are not noticed by our consciousness but unconsciously our brain hears them, believes them and creates feelings and actions based on those thoughts. But what if all thoughts were optional?

Think of it like this: A thought is only a sentence in our brain. That thought creates a feeling. Feelings are only a vibration we experience in our bodies. A feeling cannot hurt us. It is just a vibration that can’t hurt us. However, our brains are designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain. So, when we think a thought that creates a feeling (a vibration in our body) that we experience as uncomfortable or negative, we react. Thus, feelings cause actions or inactions. These actions or inactions create results.

This is good news! Once we stop believing that our thoughts are facts, we give ourselves permission to take control of our thoughts and thus the results we get in our life. With this knowledge we can choose to notice our disempowering thoughts and feelings.

Remember a feeling can’t hurt you. It is only a vibration in your body. Knowing this you can notice how you are feeling and ask yourself: “What thought is causing me to feel this way?” “When I think this thought, how do I feel?” “When I feel that way what do I do?” This will give you your actions and inactions. Then ask yourself “When I take those actions what results do I get?” Notice that the feelings, actions and results all start with a thought you are thinking. Can you get the impact that just one disempowering thought can have on your life? Can you begin to see that it is your thinking, not the circumstances or what other people do or don’t do, that are creating the results in your life?

Creating this awareness and responsibility of your thinking is not to blame yourself. So, no beating yourself up! Simply notice and acknowledge the power you have to create the results you want in your life. Once you find the disempowering thought and take responsibility for the impact it is having on the results you are getting, it is now time to create what you want.

Start by asking yourself: “What result would I like to get in this circumstance?” “What action would I want to take to get that result?” “How would I want to feel to be motivated to take that action?” “What thought could I think that would cause me to feel that way.”

By doing this you are fully empowering yourself to create the results you want in your life. If you would like help with this, go to www.CindysCalendar.com and schedule your free sample coaching session.